The beginning to the rest of my life

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

I started this class not knowing what it was about, I took it because I just needed this credit to complete my major. I never take anything seriously, to be honest I really don’t like school, I never have. The only reason I go to school is because society says that to get a good job and be successful you first must spend thousands of dollars on something that you will never need again. I thought this would just be a class I could breeze through not really do anything, when I read the description it seemed a lot better then the other classes but on the first day of class I was blown away. I thought I would never be able to do anything in this class. I thought this was the worse decision ever, but after the first two weeks I thought to my self this is really teaching me to open my mind and look into the world in a new way.

Like everybody else we all started this course on the same day in the same way, we all logged onto angel and read what this course was about. I wrote my first blog on Monday September 10th. This was the first blog I have ever written in my life, I don’t like to ever right anything and I’m not one of those people who share things on the internet. I didn’t write much in this first blog mostly because I had no clue what I was doing. I wrote about what type of messages toy give out to children, I never look at a toy in that way. I never knew that kids actually took something away from playing with a toy. During this first blog it really taught me to think out side the box along with all these other readings during this class.

There were many different ideas and social things in life I did not know before taking this class. After taking this class I thought to my self everything we talked about in these reading or basically anything about this class I have seen in my life. After writing the many blogs I started to see everything I was writing about all
around me. I noticed a difference in the way I thought of things they showed on T.V. I pointed out all the commercials that were just pointing out how powerful men are suppose to be and how beautiful women are suppose to look. There are many reality T.V. shows out there today and all of them have the same idea, the men are the good looking ones with money and are strong and women always have a bunch of different problems as the show goes on. If this class taught me any thing I would be writing  for many days, I could write pages about every little topic we went over and I hate writing but I could also talk about everything.

The blog I wrote about friendships really made me look at my own friendships and everything I’ve been through with them. Every body has friends, I have a ton of friends. I also have a very close circle of friends of about 15 people, between us there is a good mix of males and females. Going back to the question can a male and a female be friends with out any romance connection or any flirting going on. My experience is that if you are good friends with someone of the opposite sex there is always going to be flirting going on whether you  see it or not. This part of the class really opened up my eyes seeing that most relationships between friends of opposite sex almost always have some sort of comfortable flirting going on go between friends.

In another section of this class I never knew all the ads you see on T.V. about being skinny or being fit really took a toll on young females. Most of the time when you hear a young female say shes fat when she is only 100 pounds, you think shes is just being crazy and you don’t really think about it. But now when I see all these shows and commercials about looking thin and sexy I realize that’s where these young female get all this from. It a sickness that the media builds up in these young minds and manipulates the way they think. It is very sad to see so many people think there is something wrong with them just because they don’t look like people on T.V..

This class was a type of class that makes you think about life, it makes you wonder, wonder if you were someone else or in somebody’s shoes walking there life. If there was something I could change about this class it would be to make there less work for the students to do, it’s not only that we just want less work but we also have 6 other classes that require a ton of work too. Not to take anything away from Doctor G she did a great job, but there was just a lot of work required. If there was anything I could take away from this class it would be to not look at anything in just one way, take a minute think about all the ways you look at something. I know this blog was suppose to be a reflection on this class and what have I learn but the truth is what haven’t we all learn, through all our life experiences and through all the different eye opening ideas this class showed us, I think Doctor G did a great job. Thanks.


Although I did not have any citations or references I believe I should get an A for this post because of the experience and knowledge I took away from this class, Thanks Doctor G


Media towards females

Monday, November 12th, 2012


With the influx of new technology everyday, you see more and more gendered media towards young females. Most of the media depicts how women should look, eat, live, breathe, etc. Some people don’t mind that all of media portrays women like this, but the one’s that do care are putting up a fight everyday with it. Every female should stand up to the people in the media and let them know that what there doing is wrong, most women do not do this and that is why there is so much sexism in today’s world.

This shows that people think women can’t do much because either there too weak or they are not suppose to do anything.

Miss Representation starts off by showing what one would call soft-porn. It highlights how women are viewed as an object of pleasure and how women allow themselves to be objectified and not only lose their confidence but also lower their ability of being seen as smart and politically active.”(Qamar,2012). Everyday countless times women are represented in a terrible way to the public. We as a society need to fight against this and change the view of women around the world. A lot of people this that world should look like the females on T.V. but this is not true. Everybody has there own right to do what ever they want with their bodies and they can look how ever they feel. There in no need to say how beautiful one is because that could easily portray women to be different, and that is not a good thing at all. “Women who watched sexually violent media were more anxious, and males who watched sexually violent media had more negative attitudes toward women.” ( Shroff ). There is a big problem when young teens watch these different T.V. shows. Of course there are many shows that can educate you but there are also a lot of shows that treat women in a terrible way and it shows by how the kids growing up treat each other and women.

“When women are encouraged to focus so intensely on their bodies” ( Wood , 2012). Many women are so in tuned with women on T.V. they for get who they really are. Society has a really big affected on everybody but recently it has had a bigger affect on women, younger women. For my final project I tend to focus on the issues of women being criticized in the media and how it affects the way people in society think.

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young people working today

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

During this activity blog I interviewed my roommate Chris. Although he is only 20 years of age, he said he has had plenty of work experience. Chris lives in a very small town about an hour away from here call Harrisville. I’ve only been there once and being from down by the city that town is just like this one where there nothing around and there is no body that lives there.

He started of by saying he starting working when he turn 13 years old at his friends dad’s bowling alley. He worked off the books and only made 6 dollars an hour. Now if I was working off the books and only made 6 dollars and hour I would quit within the first hour because I could never live off making only 6 dollars and hour, but as I look around out here at each town I see that there are no jobs anywhere around here so I understand that this was the only job he could get at a young age.

After a while by the time he turned 16 years of age he stopped working at the bowling alley, making little to no money at all he new some people in the construction business he then started to work every summer doing carpentry for 10 dollars an hour, still not  not a lot of money but a lot better then working at the bowling alley. He noticed that it was mostly, if not a man only job which he liked. He didn’t really like to work with women he said because they annoyed him. “Women in the work force are often classified according to on of four roles, each of which reflects a deeply gendered stereotype: sex object, mother, child, or iron maiden.”(Aries,1998; Jamieson, 1995; Kanter, 1977; Wood & Conrad, 1983)  He also noted that if there was a girl in the work place with him he along with others would make fun of her or just point out what is “sexy” about her or what they don’t like. Which I though was very wrong because if you do that down in the city where I live there are women that work everywhere and if someone were to do to that, that person would be fired and arrested for sexual harassment.

Although Chris has only had two different jobs I think ha has been through a life experience noticing that there is a lot of pressures on women in the work force and a lot of harassment they go through. At the end of the interview I asked him whether  he cares or not that women go through such hardships to work. He simply answer “no” he doesn’t care. I believe that his attitude about working with others and men are better then women come from his family and partly living in a place where there is not a lot of work and no body around. If he had grown up where I live he would act a lot different and he would probably not care who he worked with, I also believe that his attitude would be better and he would be more successful in life.

I assess myself with a B

Wood, J. T. (2011). Gendered lives: Communication, gender, & culture.  Australia:Wadsworth Cengage Learning

Chris P. interviewee

Society rules everybody

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Now a days the media rules everybody just like society, they are one and the same. Society tells people what they are suppose to do how they act and what to look like. Many people get caught in the trap of trying to be like everybody else in society, they want all the beauty and the self confidence of all the famous celebrities. Many young female adults believe everything that they read about and see on T.V. and they think that they have to start looking like them in order to be beautiful. They all may not know about fat talk but they all talk about it.

This woman see’s her self as being fat in the mirror but in reality she is very skinny.


Many women who see themselves like this take turns for the worse. They harm their bodies by going on drastic diets or even get surgery for things that are not needed. “Losing weight through liposuction offers none of the health benefits of losing weight through exercise and diet(Klein et al. 2004). People don’t understand that these surgeries may not only take unnecessary fat away but it also harms them medically. The way society is now a days this is just going to get worse and worse, people are going to follow the way celebrities and famous people act and treat their bodies, which in no way shape or form is good.

“The use of cosmetic surgery itself is being turned into a medical disorder-body dysmorphic disorder, or distortion of body image.”(Lorber, Moore 2011). Many people who get surgery do not need it, but because they have the money to get the surgery done they do not look back and get what they want. People see themselves as ugly, they do not like what they see and it’s all due to the fact that the public and media represent society. The body image is what people think when they see themselves as being ugly.

cosmetic surgery on a person that doesn’t need it


With the influx of technology today there is more and more people today that follow the news and other people’s lives. It is more easier to see what society says is right and what society does to the people in the public. Society is capturing the eyes of more and more young females, and they are transforming into what society says is the perfect body and the perfect way of living. Today young people don’t have control over there own bodies or self image they only thing that has control is society which tells everybody what to look like and what to do.


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Cost of getting ready for the day

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Day 1: 11:00am

Normally I wake up between 10:30am and 2:00pm since I like to sleep in a lot and go to bed late. I usually take a shower about 15-30 minutes after I wake up. While in the shower I use a face wash which cost around 10 dollars, a body wash which cost around 15 dollars and two different hair products because I have very sensitive skin on my head and face, both of those product probably cost around 20 dollars each.



After getting out of the shower I brush my teeth, tooth paste cost around 5 dollars and put medical face cream on which cost around 50 dollars for my dry skin. I also shave my face with an electric razor to keep my face nice and smooth, with a cost of around 40 dollars.


I then start to get dressed for the day and put on deodorant and cologne. The deodorant cost around 8 dollars and the cologne cost 85 dollars. I finally start the rest of my day around 12:30 depending on how fast I get done with everything.



I change into my workout clothes and go over to the school gym. I work out until I get done with my exercise which is around 10:40pm. Since I use the school gym it doesn’t cost me anything to work out.


Day 2:

1:25 pm

I shower and go through my morning routine at an expense of 160 dollars.

2:10 pm

I get dressed and put my deodorant and cologne on for the cost of 93 dollars, and I’m ready for the day at 12:45 pm.

9:00 pm

I change into my workout clothes and get ready for my workout routine and fish by 10:30pm


I don’t eat anything healthy so I left out all of my food out since I don’t use any protein supplements or anything.

I estimate the cost of myself getting ready for both days and going through my daily routines at the price of 506 dollars. I have never thought of how much money I use in one day but now that I see what I do every morning if I were to run out of money there would be no possible way for me to live or get ready every morning.

The time it takes my to get ready for these past two days is 5 and half hrs. That is normally how much sleep I get for one night.


Not only through the past two days but throughout the past week I have heard mostly females talking about social stresses in terms of “fat talk” and their appearance for going out that night, which can be consider the pressure of the “male gaze” affect which as many people can see has an affect on a larger number of females. For me I don’t listen to what anybody has to say about my appearance and I don’t care what anybody thinks about the way I look. Everyday I get dressed in clothes I like and I don’t ever take a double look in the mirror. I have learned a lot so far through out this course and the most important thing I take away is not to be stressed out by what people think of you all you have to to is brush it off and say to your self who cares what people think.

I do not have any sources from the books and I did not quote any sentences because I thought we did not need any, besides the pictures from Google images

I assess myself with an A because I though I did a very well job with this post and activity.



Monday, October 15th, 2012

What is the value of a friendship? What do we get by being friends with people? How do we pick our friends? Julia Wood states “Both sexes value close friends and invest in them.” But what does that really mean? Does that mean that when we have a friend we really like we always do what they want to do or do the same things they do? How do we know that the person your friends with is really your friend and not an enemy?


There are many similarities when people pick there friends. They most likely are of the same gender sometimes not, they most likely share the same interests, and they most likely do the same things together. Male friendships differ from female friendships in a way that females like to talk more, they like to communicate with each other more through speech and most of the time they like to share their feelings more. When males are friends with each other they normally don’t talk about their feelings that much, they tend to communicate through sports or something along that nature. Males tend to be more active with each other the females do. They generally like to wrestle with each other horse around or play sports. There aren’t a lot of females you find who do things like this, but now a days you might start to find more and more since we are becoming a very diverse world these days.

Many people might think that males and females can’t just be friends with each other but some times they can be. Although males and females tend to have more of a intimate relationship with each other some times it’s better of to just be friends with one another. Most of the time when a male and female become friends they are to have an intimate relationship, but each person in the relationship brings a certain feature that they can’t get with being friends of some one with the same sex as them. For intense a male being friends with a female brings the female a less emotional person rather then being friends with a female which has advantages of there own. For a women being friends with a male it is know that the male pays more attention and is more associated in the conversation rather then if he was talking with another male. “Both sexes tend to lean on stereotypes in those areas that are more emotional, such as independence, the fear of being abandoned, fears in general and sexuality.”(Nauert, 2008) Many people tend to become friends with opposite sexes just because their lonely sometimes and they need the comfort of the opposite sex. Many people are thought to be friends with the same gender but the truth is that we need the relationship and closeness of the opposite sex to balance everything out in our lives.



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Dateing and love ads

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

In Today’s world we have an abundance of internet sources and technology. This makes it a very different life for people being born now and being born 30 years ago. In this short time span many people have resulted to advertising on the internet, t.v. and other info resources in order to start dating. There are many people that don’t ask anyone out anymore because they don’t need to. They can let their ads speak for them.



Ads like these can been seen on t.v., online in news papers and magazines. They are more often use in today’s life then people asking each other out. I don’t know why people are so custom to posting ads about themselves to get a partners attention, wouldn’t it be easier just to ask someone out? Dating websites like Eharmony make this effortless. Many people can also learn more about someone before ever even meeting them with online ads and dating. “Advertising plays a key role in promoting appearance and pleasing others as foci of women’s lives.”(Wood 2011) Many women I think put more and more personal ads out because they might not like the way they look, in reality there’s nothing wrong with the way they look. All these women look up to these models and they think they have to look like them but that is completely wrong. Many men also do this but not to the extent of women. In today’s world it is the most common thing to start dating online, unlike asking a person out in person that is out dated.


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Gendered Communication

Monday, October 1st, 2012

I watch a lot of television shows and movies and until now I have never realized that most of the ways people are portrayed in these shows are the way people act in real life because of what they get from watching the show. Some shows that I don’t watch but many teenagers do are shows like the Jersey Shore and Teen Mom. Shows like this make some people act the same way as them on the show. Now a days you see a lot teenagers walking, talking, acting and dressing the same way the people on the Jersey Shore. I’ve also heard about teen girls wanting to get pregnant just so they can be on the Teen Mom show, which to me is not at all what we want our teenagers and kids to take away from watching T.V.

“Young girls  (12-17 years old) are inclined to view social media as ways to connect with others.” ( Wood 2011) I’ve seen many girls now a days act the same way as characters do on T.V. which is only good if the girls on T.V. would act in a normal manner, which is not always the case.Many young people don’t understand or see that media affects theirs live. They do get a good source of information and learning from watching T.V. but sometimes they can take information in that causes them either to change their personality or looks which sometimes is not a good thing. Sometimes people also might focus in what they can do to get on these reality T.V. shows, and it is not always the best thing for younger teenagers to do. For example the show Teen Mom sets one of the worst examples for younger teen girls and boys. First off they watch this show thinking that these kids lives are the best and that they have everything and that their in love with the man or girl of their dreams. They don’t understand how much is cost to have a child or how much time and effort to take care of a new born. Not only taking of a child but they don’t show all the hardships these teens go through and how fast they have to grow up.

Many shows like reality shows aren’t always the best shows for teens to watch and get information from. These types of shows cause today’s teen to be a different person. Today it’s all about being beautiful and famous. The days where it was about being your self and doing your own thing doesn’t matter anymore, which is very hard to handle because you always here about all these suicides where people want to be themselves but because there not following society they get picked on. We have to teach our kids that it is better to be themselves then being what you see on T.V. because it’s not going to get you anywhere in life.


Wood, J. T. (2011). Gendered lives: Communication, gender & culture . (10 ed., pp. 163-171). Boston, MA: Wadsworth.


Burn Notice

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

I’ve seen many episodes of Burn Notice and it is one of my favorite shows. For people that may have not seen this show it’s about a man who was a spy for the U.S. government who got burned, which means they fired him and took his money and everything he had away from him. The main character who was the spy is named Michael Westen he now helps people with different criminal problems in return for them helping him out to find out who “burned” him. Since he has been burned he lives in Miami, Florida, he has a close named Sam and a ex-girlfriend named Fiona, his mom also lives in Miami. These are the only people he trusts. Most of the time when they need information about some one they send Fiona to get it because she is beautiful and sexy and usually guys will give a women anything if she is flirting with them. This is one of the many ways that the show depicts females by showing their sexy side.

This is a picture of Fiona with Michael behind her


“Women in the workforce are often classified according to one of four roles, each of which reflects a deeply gendered stereotype: sex object , mother, child, or iron maiden” ( Aries, 1998; Jamieson, 1995; Kanter, 1997; Wood & Conrad, 1983). In many ways in the show Fiona is mostly classified as sexy. There is also a lot of male language going on in the show, for the most part it is almost always male language. This is a line from Sam who is a Micheal’s best friend in the show, “Come on, I need a beer before I try to pick this needle out of a haystack.”( Nix) This shows some of the language that goes on in the show and how they depict males as having to drink a beer before doing anything or just because their a man you have to drink a beer.

Michael who is the main character is shown always wearing a suit along with his buddy Sam, they are both around there mid 30′s. Micheal and Sam also always do the intense fighting against their enemies while they let Fiona handle the easy stuff. There have been episodes where they show that Fiona can handle her self in tough situations but Micheal doesn’t like to let her get in a physical altercation. In a way this shows that the men are suppose to handle all the fights and protect the women, but sometimes women can handle their selves.

This is a popular show and many people around the world do watch it and it sends many different signs out their to both male and females. First off if a young male were to watch this show he could understand that to be a man he has to be fit, strong, good looking and able to fight anyone. If a young female were to watch this show she might take that she would have to be sexy, thin, always look good and be smart. There are many different things that people take away from watching T.V. shows or the media, whether they know it or not they are being used to spread the message of how a male and female should act and be.

I assess my self with an A because I followed the rubric

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Gendered Lives

Monday, September 17th, 2012

We grow up in a world where everybody think they know where people stand in relation to sex, what toys people play with and how everybody is suppose to act. People are use to going by society rules and norms because that’s what everybody is use to, however not everybody is the same and people tend to wonder why is it that we have to play with certain toys or sports or do things  that the same sex does. There are a lot of people out there in the world and sometimes people like to do things differently then what society says.

People don’t always understand that sometimes you can put down your other sex counter part with out even knowing it. “Gender biases don’t stop at children. Gender stereotypes carry on into adulthood with academics, sports and still, society. ” (Krystal, 2012) There are many people out there that notice gender biases things and then there are others that don’t know they are promoting it.

” Are fewer women than men hired because of bias or because men are more qualified? Research shows that bias against women influences hiring decisions as well as performance reviews and promotions.” ( Wood, 2011) It doesn’t matter where or how or even said or done people are always being biases all the time in work, school and outside in the world and home.”In the locker room culture, women are sex objects to be conquered or shown off as prizes to the winners.”( Lorber  and Moore, 2011) In my experience throughout high school on the sports teams I did not realize until now that mostly every body in the locker room including the coaches and staff acted in the same matter showing that they are putting them selves on a higher rank then females and everybody else. Everybody should be equal but that’s not how reality tends to work.


” This poses a question, will women ever be considered equal to men? Should women and men be equal?” ( Krystal 2012) Krystal poses a really great question, but the truth, we will never know. Society will never let us answer these questions that we all have, it will never let us know because it’s what drives people to do what they want and make money.”U.S. women still earned only 77 cents on the male dollar in 2008″.(Fitzpatrick, 2010). My question is why do women earn less then men. If women are more educated and more qualified why do they still earn less.

I assess myself with a A because I followed the rubric.


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